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Aimvo offers premium CBD at the lowest prices. We can offer the best CBD because we control everything from the hemp farm to your doorstep. Get the feeling you deserve. 

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We make quality CBD so affordable that anyone can use it. 

Because CBD has so many health benefits that we think every person on the planet should have access to it for a reasonable price.

The fact we manufacture our own products, helps us be able to give the best price. 

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Valid 1 time, only for 750mg bottle(s), and on your first purchase with aimvo. S&H not included.

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The aimvo promise.

CBD has been proven to be helpful for millions of people. Simply research the benefits of CBD and you will find an oray of information from around the world raving about its ability to better our daily way of life. When you use aimvo you will receive the following benefits.


You will be using the highest quality CBD.


We don't cut corners. We offer the best CBD at the lowest prices without jeopardizing the quality!


With us, you know the source. We extract, process, bottle, and deliver our products. No white labeled products here.


We know the bottom line costs of each of our products because we have our hands in the entire process from the hemp farm to your hands.

When you buy CBD from us, you gain instant access to our proprietary production processes, our industry-leading expertise and our world-class customer service. We are dedicated to beating anyone’s prices so that you can have the world’s highest quality CBD at your fingertips.

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Want to Know More About CBD?

When purchasing CBD you need to ask yourself 2 questions. 
  1. How many milligrams of CBD per bottle am I getting for the price that I’m paying? 

You will find many CBD companies selling 100mg to 650mg CBD products. We at aimvo believe that only 750mg of CBD and above create the calming and relieving effect that people seek when they are choosing a CBD product. We have priced our 750mg at $20! That is an incredible price for the quality that you get. 

2. How do I know that the product is legitimate CBD from a reputable source? 

We are one of very few CBD companies that know exactly what our consumers are getting. From the hemp farm  to the CBD extraction operation located in Utah, all the way to the final products. We are a family owned and operated business that knows the benefits of our CBD products and desire that everyone has the opportunity to use our products for their benefit. That is why we are the industry leader on high quality CBD for the lowest prices! 

In the 90s, scientists discovered that our bodies have an entire regulatory system called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), or the Endogenous Cannabinoid System. In fact, the ECS is the largest, self-regulating system within our bodies. The ECS includes cell receptor sites—CB1 and CB2—found throughout the body in the skin, gastrointestinal, reproductive, immune, and central and peripheral nervous systems. The ECS uses Cannabinoids to transmit certain signals to regulate homeostasis within us. The ECS balances our mood, appetite, sleep, and hormone production. Plant-based Cannabinoids (Phytocannabinoids) have analogues in the human body, meaning that our bodies produce Cannabinoids too. You could say our bodies were designed to interact with Cannabinoids. The CB1 neurotransmitter receptor site in the brain has more receptor sites than ALL OF THE OTHER neurotransmitter sites COMBINED! Thus, our bodies are designed to accept plant-based Cannabinoids
Cannabinoids are special compounds found in the Cannabis plant family. There are over 100 known Cannabinoids, CBD is just one of them. There are nearly 400 other chemical compounds in Cannabis that are common to all plants and are potentially beneficial, like chlorophyll, terpenoids, flavonoids, and plant waxes. Cannabinoids and Cannabinoid-like compounds are found in a handful of other plants such as Echinacea, Flax, common tea, Kava, and Hops.

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